Alianza Del Valle

Alianza del Valle it’s a savings and credit cooperative with more than 53 years in the financial sector and has consolidated its position among the top 5 largest cooperatives in Ecuador. Its main purpose is to promote the growth of its members through the accessible financing and constant support


The cooperative has an integral service of financial, saving investment. However, for a long year one of the principal promotion products with great emphasis was the credit. In this context ineligible credit profiles began to arrive. On the other hand, their investment and saving products were not being made visible. This i show the needed was born to create a campaign focused on the 4 products of Alianza: Microcredit, Consumer Credit, Savings and Investment; to get better profiles with a good credit history, payment capacity and laboral stability. That is how Buena Paga was born.



In this Buena paga advertising campaign, one of the archetypes ´´the workers“ was created. This character is distinguished by the discipline, getting up early to start up his business, fulfilling his financial responsibilities by paying suppliers and generating employment in his community. He embodies the tenacity and the desire for self-improvement, being an engine of progress in his environment. The campaign is highlights the importance of these individuals in building a strong social fabric, while promoting the values of diligence and contribution to the collective well- being



In the Buena Paga advertising campaign, the archetype of “the punctual ones” emerged. This character represents the importance of punctuality and responsibility in the search for personal and family progress. He stands out for getting up early and arriving at the office on time. In addition, he shows a commitment to timely payment of services, reflecting careful financial management. The figure symbolizes the determination to get ahead, building a narrative around planning and perseverance as fundamental pillars to achieve goals and improve the quality of family life.



In the Buena Paga advertising campaign, the archetype of “the planners” emerged. This character represents like exemplary workers, he distinguishes for his abilities for organized the activities, to maintain a costumer call management system and review accounts. This archetype highlights the importance of the strategic planification and financial management. This campaign highlights the ability of individuals to anticipates challenges, take informed decisions and carry out forward – looking actions, thus underlining the relevance and the key like a planification for the sucess in the business environment.



In the Buena Paga advertising campaign, the archetype of “the savers” was created. These individuals are characterized by their ability to budget with a focus on financial goals and objectives. They represent prudence and foresight by carefully planning their finances, which enables them to meet specific goals. The campaign highlights their focus on saving as a tool for achieving long-term goals and emphasizes the importance of financial discipline.


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This recognition t is the result of a campaign with a clear and strategic Development. Not only did it solve a specific problem for our target audience, but it also generated a significant response from the Alianza del Valle community.

Top 3 instituciones financieras

La Cooperativa Alianza del Valle se consagra en el Top 3 de instituciones financieras más recordadas, obteniendo el prestigioso título de “Lovebrand” por la Revista Ekos. Nuestra campaña publicitaria, cargada de autenticidad e innovación, ha forjado una conexión excepcional con los consumidores. Este reconocimiento refleja nuestro compromiso constante con la excelencia y la creación de relaciones significativas en el ámbito financiero. Agradecemos a nuestros clientes por ser parte esencial de este éxito compartido. ¡Continuaremos superando expectativas y construyendo un futuro financiero memorable!


Cooperativa Alianza del Valle was named one of the top 3 most remembered financial institutions earning the prestigious title of “Love brand” by Ekos magazine. Our advertising campaign loaded with authenticity and innovation, has forged an exceptional connection with the consumer. This recognition reflects our ongoing commitment with the excellence and building meaningful relationships in the financial area. We thank our clients for being an essential part of this shared success. we will continue exceed expectations and build a memorable financial future.