This Brand of sustainable Andean products trusted us to create a branding campaign under an emotional message, that transmits its business and social objectives. To build we were inspired by the concepts of lifestyle and positive transformation. In addition, we create a key visual and identify manual to implement in their different channels, both digital and retail


We can be Ourselves, is bases on kiwa´s most valuable insight, positivism. A concept that drives the change that people can achieve showing themselves as they are. A dynamic concept that allows us to communicate the infinity possibilities and adjectives that a person can be to generate this change.


 We want the brand to be present and identify with the moments where everyone is authentic, spontaneous and happy. This is a concept that highlights the connection that experienced in the moments shared with family and friends


This creative idea seeks to convey that Kiwa as a brand, is part of the snacking behavior, a trend that goes beyond a consumer behavior and seeks to change people’s lives towards a healthier life.


Kiwa products seek to improve people’s lives, allowing them to be authentic, free and happy. A positive personal change that can be passed on to others.


The principal reason to develop this creative concept, find an insight that transmits the values and purposes of the brand to its consumers.


KIWA, has the need to communicate that its brand promotes sustainability in all areas and that snacking is a behavior that goes beyond the consumption of a product, consumer behavior, it becomes a lifestyle that evolves a positive transformation.


The begging of the process of creation and implement the creative concept for Kiwa, is born from the first stage in which Kiwa finds itself, a planning phase. In this stage a communication structure is sought to convey the business objective.


To carry out the creative concept proposal, a brief was requested to the KIWA work team to the KIWA work team to know and understand the first hand the key information regarding the objectives and needs of the Brand. Under these guidelines and the information received we began with the creation of the creative concept.


With this concept we want show Kiwa such as a dynamic Brand that is present in different situations and moments in the lives of its consumers.


We Can Be Ourselves we seek to transmit a message that highlights we can be all many things, we can be happy, can be healthy, we can be fun and more.


Community + Product

Because we are and live in community, we are not alone, and we want to accompany you in every moment.


Kiwa is a brand that is present and accompanies you in those special moments, we are not alone in this journey called life.


Kiwa is with you in this process of transformation, in the search for a healthier and more optimistic life that contributes to change the world.


The strength that gives us the product

Because the most relevant action we have is the strength of optimist, a brand with movement that can adapt any idea that invite to act in this personal and social change.


Within the concept, Kiwa becomes the power we must change, power that translates into saying yes to action to change our lifestyle and take the strength we need to evolve and spread others.


We can whatever we want.

Life is a constant change, and each person is the protagonist of our life. This concept, seek to convey that is in this transformation, we are the key to interpreting the internal and external factors positively encouraging to evolve.




We are the center of everything we want to do from the heart, we are transforming and evolves. In Kiwa we can be whatever we want to positively change and spread that feeling.

We can be


We can have the strength needed to act and improve our quality of life. We are strong because we move to achieve our goals and contribute to social change.

We can be


We are brave for making the decision to change our behavior and habits in the pursuit of the better life for ourselves, for those around us, and the community in general.

We can be


While it is truth the change is born from oneself, social change needs people who join these initiatives. We must be contagious of this feeling because together we can generate positive changes in the society

We can be


Its takes courage and effort to fight for we believe is right and contribute to this social change. To seek this positive change is one of the objectives we want to convey with the concept

We can be


Being inspired starts with knowing and connecting with oneself to communicate a message. With this concept we want to inspire people to be part of a snacking that contributes to social change.

We can be


We want the consumers associate Kiwa whit the moments of happiness they experience with themselves with family and friends. There is no better message than to show our happiness and spread it to others.


we can be ENERGY

To achieve your life goals, you need to feel good and be accompanied with a healthy diet. Kiwa gives you the energy do you always needs.


With this concept, Kiwa becomes the snack that accompanies you in all of your activities, its part of your lifestyle.

we can be HEALTHY

We can stay healthy by adopting a good diet in every activity we do.

Whit this we say Kiwa accompanies you in unconventional places, making you feel full and healthy.

we can be strong

The concept is to transmit strength, to communicate by consuming KIWA PROTEIN TORTILLA TRIPS we are benefiting our health.


We associate the protein benefit of the product to an uncommon situation for a snack, the objective is to invite consumers to relate the product to a healthy activity.





Pieces that generate movement, that complement the main idea of generating action.


They must keep the colors of each product; each speaker must have a phrase according to the concept.


The use of die-cuts is recommended for the products.

products, it improves their visibility and helps them stand out.


Adapt the campaign content so that the same the highest range because this type of support helps to improve the visibility of the improve the visibility of the product-brand.

Floor Graphic

The graphics for these elements do not use photographs and are cleaner, with the purpose of:


– Highlight the location of the product

– Avoid visual contamination

– Reach its longest duration and avoid ambiguities or reinterpretations of the concept.